Abstract submission-Third congress on the Eph/ephrin system

Third congress on the Eph/ephrin system

Date to be announced, 2021. Montreal, Canada

Abstract submission

   Abstract submission is now open
The abstract submission remains open until a new date of the congress is announced.

Please send your one-page abstract to the Congress secretary Manon Livernois, email: manon.livernois.chum@sass.gouv.qc.ca before the deadline.

In the spirit of freedom and liberty, you can have a freestyle abstract within the one-page limit. Just use a reasonable font size so people can read it without magnifying glasses.

Please indicate whether you prefer oral or poster presentation (instructions for poster presentations), or are indifferent.
If oral presentation is selected, please provide the name of the presenter.
You could submit multiple abstracts, but for each lab, please select only one abstract for oral presentation